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Space Opera Mini’s Revisited

Well, I grabbed up some more space opera based mini’s and it looks like things maybe getting off the ground for this campaign. It’s been a chore finding more mini’s. I have a bunch of the old WOTC Star Wars mini’s but like any gamer I wanted more. I searched the internet and kept my eye open looking for something inexpensive.
Then it hit me. One of the Appendix N inspirations for this whole thing is Guardians of the Galaxy. What about Hero Clix. I mean I have a bunch of Mage Knight minis and Horror CLix (if you remember those). Plus I’ve grabbed up some less superhero looking Hero Clix for modern era games. And yep found some singles over at Troll and Toad. Heck, the most I paid for one was 99 cents. Not bad.
Here’s some if you’re looking for some more retro and just a bit gonzo. Who can say no to kungfu disco robot? That’s what I thought when I saw the mini of ISAAC.

Of course, there’s your more standard fare and the Guardians themselves that would work pretty darned well.

Right now, I don’t know if I’ll leave these as is or take the time to rebase or possibly repaint a couple.
Let’s talk spaceships. Previously, I had picked up a bag of the very soft plastic (vinyl or whatever the hell they are made of) space ships from Amazon and there was some discussion of another set which I picked up. Here’s a pic of those along with a Star Wars Micro Machine Millenium Falcon (Yeah, I got some of those too). And as you can see, they are a very similar scale which should work pretty well on the tabletop.

This new set is larger. Slightly more detailed and from harder plastic. And according to the Amazon reviews you could even paint these. So what am I going to do with those soft ones? Well, they would make cool Bennies. Wait, what? Is that obvious hint? Yep. That Space Opera game is finally going to come together and I’ll be returning to on old favorite game system that I haven’t messed with in years. Savage Worlds. So it’s time to dust of the rules books and hunt up those old house rules and get to making up cool stuff.

More Space Opera Rants

I’ve ranted about this before and I’ll do it again. I’ve really had the urge for a gonzo space opera game. Hopefully, I might do it between the current Dungeon Crawl Classics Game and getting my hands on Mutant Crawl Classics. But I’m still in the same place as before and with the way my schedule has been, I need start planning now. What freaking system to use? I’ve gotten pretty much narrowed down three.
White Star/Machinations of the Space Princess/X-Plorers Hack: The part is the basic rules are familiar to the players. There’s a plethora resources out there. And it’s really easy to gonzo up. The bad part I feel like I need to hack/create a fun ship-to-ship combat system.
Savage Worlds: This is a favorite of mine from way back. I really like a lot of things about the system and it’s pretty easy on the GM to run. I probably wouldn’t bother with the new SciFi Companion but instead reach back in time and use SlipStream and Daring Tale of the Space Lanes. It pretty much hits all the sweet spots. Except that big bads have problems. They either get one shotted or totally own the party. The players would have to learn a new system and some new rules.
D6/Mini-Six/Original Star Wars Hack: I’m one of those grognards that thinks the best Star Wars RPG was the first one. But still it has some hiccups with characters getting into either impossible to hit or hurt level. Sure I want things cinematic and crazy but just a little more danger.
So it’s time for this little grognard to put on his thinking cap.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Hell’s YEAH!

Yes, I’m late to rant about this one. But hell’s yeah. I really loved the first movie. I liked it better than Force Awakens. And like a few others(like here, here and here) thought it was best the damned Farscape movie ever. Which again isn’t a bad thing. Because I love Farscape.
With all that bouncing around inside my head, the old hankering to run a Space Opera game is in the back of my mind. I know that Dungeon Crawl Classics is up next and that is going to be a blast. But heck I’m the sort of person that always has too many irons in the fire. To honest, I still don’t know what freaking system to use. The top contenders are of course: White Star (kit bashed with a few other OSR SF games). Savage Worlds, and the good old d6 system. Who knows may get a really wild hair and try to create some sort DCC space opera thing if the up coming campaign world really well. Time will tell. Now back to prepping for DCC.
Oh yeah and if you haven’t seen the trailer. Here you go!

Stark Space: Skills

Stark Space
It’s been a long weekend but I haven’t been idle. Work continues on Stark Space. This week I want to talk about skills. A lot of folks don’t use a skill system with their OSR games. That’s cool. But for Stark Space I felt it needed one. Yes, it’s gritty and all but I also felt that characters should have a very broad range of abilities. While the classes are focused in particular area, I wanted it set up so a character could be a killing machine and still have an aptitude for talking their way out of fight. Like the classes, I wanted the skills to be very broad and flexible categories. So there’s only 12 and should cover most situations. And this system should be easily transferred to any other old school game or genre.
Here’s the very basics of it. Each skill is derived from adding together two ability scores then dividing by 3 and always rounding down. Roll 2d6 if it’s less than or equal to the character’s skill rating then success. Here’s the skills, their related abilities, and a brief description:
Athletics (Str+Dex): Jumping, climbing, acrobatics, and all that.
Detective (Wis+Cha): Avoiding surprise, noticing details, investigation, and detecting lies.
Education (Int+Wis): General education and knowledge.
Fast Talk (Int+Cha): Haggling, bluffing, and diplomacy.
Hacking (Dex+Int): Hacking, forgery, disabling security systems, and locks.
Medicine (Int+Wis): First aid, diagnosis, and surgery.
Pilot (Dex+Wis): Navigation, piloting 9duh), and driving.
Tech (Dex+Int): Repair and modify equipment including star ships.
Sex Appeal (Con+Cha): Seduction and making good on that innuendo.
Stealth (Dex+Cha): Sneaking, sleight of hand, and covert surveillance.
Survival (Con+Wis): Tracking and living off the land.
Zero-G (Dex+Con): Working safely in 0-G without loosing your lunch.
Muscles and Brains characters get a bonus on a skill that is their specialty. As far as improving goes, when a character gains a level they get a +1 to one skill rating. That’s it.
That’s the basic of skills. Stay tuned for more previews on Stark Space plus the other projects I’m working. Also, there may the occasional rant. It’s a New Year and things are going to fun around here.

Stark Space: Classes & Races

Stark Space
Work continues on Stark Space. That’s my own little gritty dystopian supplement for White Star which is an awesome game in its own right. Stark Space takes it the gritty rough and tumble reaches of Blade Runner, Aliens, and Outland.
I wanted to make some core classes to better reflect the Stark Space universe. In general, these are meant to replace the existing classes but this the OSR GM’s should do what they want to make their games awesome. As I mentioned in my previous post, there three classes.
The Muscle: This one should be pretty obvious. This is the fighter, mercenary, soldier, thug, martial artist, and hot shot pilot. One thing I wanted to do is make them shine a little more in combat so they’ve got three class abilities. Combat Expert is a bonus applied to combat with a certain type of weapon like small arms, space weapons, melee weapons, or unarmed combat. Combat Sense provides the character with a bonus to Armor Class. And then there’s Combat Style. While Combat Expert reflects the character’s training. Combat Style reflects the character’s approach to combat by being a Brute(Damage bonus), precise (bonus To-hit), or mobile (bonus to AC).
The Brains: These are your tech’s, engineers, medics, hackers, and walking encyclopedias. They can jury rig equipment. Get a bonus to whatever skill they specialize in. Re-roll failed class skill rolls. That’s pretty much the standard stuff. Brains are also the planners. So I threw in couple more things. They gain a bonus to initiative and they can provide bonuses in combat to other characters by relaying crucial tactical information.
The Face: We got the Muscle and the Brains, now somebody needs to do the talking. Brains are con artists, detectives, and other social types. Like Brains, they gain a bonus to their specialized skill. They know where to find the right people and how to act around people. They can distract and demoralize opponents. They have a little bit of luck to help with those Saving Throws.
Now on to Races. Once again, I’ll refer back to my original post. I’m not using race in the real world sense but in the game mechanics sense. Since Stark Space is that Gritty dytopian future, I opted for no aliens as player characters. But once again, this is something that GM’s can change if they wish. There’s four options for “race”.
Human: That one is pretty obvious. I wanted to add a little punch for humans. So bonus to skills and saves. They’re humans so I don’t need to explain that much about them.
Max-Gene: Take a normal human and do some genetic manipulation and attempt to turn them into a super soldier or hard labor drone. These characters have good physical stats but terrible mental stats. They prone to all sorts of add psychological behaviors. The basic mechanic around them is reduce mental ability scores and improve physical scores at character generation.
Simulants: You’ve seen Blade Runner, right? There you go. As they level, there’s a chance that they’ll start to degrade and lose points from their ability scores. It can be repaired but that’s very expensive and illegal.
Psi: There had to some sort of mental abilities. The powers of these characters have much less effect than the Gifts or Meditations from the core White Star rules. While these powers could be considered minor, they’re the only type of power in the implied setting. It works off the skill system but more on that later.
There you go some more rants on the classes and races. I’ll have more rants in the future about skills and inspiration. So stay tuned.

Space Ship Die Drop Chart

Die drop charts are cool and easy to use. Heck, it even adds a little bit of extra tension when rolling. So here’s a quick little idea that popped int my head.
A die drop for space ship hit locations with a few little complications thrown in. Since White Star has become my OSR space opera game of choice, this works pretty well. Just drop the d6’s like you’re rolling normally and see where the dice land.
Here’s the PDF version

Have Death Ray Will Travel

Have Death Ray Will Travel
And another title goes up on RPGNow. Have Death Ray, Will Travel is a retro-future setting inspired by old pulpy serials, Sword & Planet adventures, the Wild West, and film noir. Want exploration? Want political intrigue? Like the Wild West with ray guns? Want a little gritty film noir? Bounty hunters? Space pirates? Gangsters? Alien emperors out to conquer the universe? It’s all there. And yes. It’s for White Star.
With luck I should have some more White Star news this week. Plus there’s more good things I’m working on. They’re just not White Star. So stay tuned for those announcements.