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Episode 21: World Building Wrap Up

OK, first I should apologize. This episode is slow. Man, was I tired and I forgot a few things like names. Duh but that’s more fodder for future podcasts.
Anyway, here’s the link. You know the drill subscribe and all that.
And oh yeah. This whole thing has gotten me thinking about Lamentations of the Flame Princess again and going through some of the rules for the second edition of LotFP. A fairly complete list can be found in Eldritch Cocks and just put some of those into an OSR game or heck convince the group to do some LotFP or Frankengame. I’m thinking a Frankengame.
So till next time.

Episode 20: Call Ins and Questions

And another on is on the air. Episode 20.
This time up.
Anchor.fm waves a little cash in the direction of podcasters. Should I take the bait?
Did you like Episode 19? That’s when I did the improv virtual “unboxing” of the Vigilante City PDF. Like it? Should I do more of those?
And think it’d fun to jump on the train as make up world for a Lamentations of the Flame Princess game?
You know the deal. Subscribe. Download the Anchor.fm and leave a message. And as usual roll dice, kill monsters, take their stuff, and have fun.

Episode 18: Lots of stuff.

More congrats to the Ennnie winners. Damn I need to buy Midderlands, Harlem Unbound and Runequest (when the hard copy comes out).
A rant about Pathfinder 2.0. Won’t call it review. My brain started hurting too quickly.
And rant about World Building. This time Cities.
And fake call ins. Yeah, I do crazy stuff.
Give Episode 18 a listen.
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Episode 16: World Building Part 1

Here’s a pretty lengthy rant about how I’m going about making my D&D/OSR/whatever world.

And here’s the “working” map of Zoong including mistakes and other sloppiness. But it works for a DM’s notebook. Where are the Elves and Halflings from? Hasn’t came so haven’t worried about it yet.

And here’s the zoom in hex map from the 5E Campaign. You may recognize some thinly veiled hints about what modules I had on tap.

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