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Welcome to the Shattered World of Durth

It’s about time that talked more about this project. I’m the kind of person that likes having more than one project in the works. If I don’t feel inspired by one thing, I can hope over to the next. I’ve got three other things on the slate right now. Some minor. Some not. And then there’s Durth.
Durth has bounced around inside my head for quite a while now. In a nutshell, Durth is a gonzo post-apocalyptic fantasy setting/supplement for OSR games. Many folks first thought will be Gamma World. Nope. That’s not my intention. The big three inspirations are Thundarr the Barbarian, He-Man, and Carcosa. Sounds crazy but it works in my head.
Why go post-apocalyptic? Because it’s the type of world that can be riddled with ruins, dungeons, and ancient secrets that really makes sense for all those sorts of things to be there. With that in mind, GM’s could easily drop any dungeon they wanted into the world and it wouldn’t change anything.
Speaking of GM’s. Like so many OSR games, Durth is going to be very much take and use what you want and add what you want. There’s going to be plenty of ways for GM’s to customize it to their liking and use about any set of OSR rules they want.
But I’ve said all this stuff before. Some of you out there want to hear some details so here go.
Two new classes: Wastelander and Super Science Sorcerer.
Mutants: Of course there’s mutants. Done as both a race and class. Depending on which way you like your non-humans.
Super Science: Yep. Devices and twisted alien machines.
Twists on some of the classic races and classes.
New monsters and villains
Plenty of tools and inspiration for GM’s to make their version of Durth unique.
Yes, I know this isn’t very much. Just enough to gain a little interest. But this time. Hang on for the ride. As I stumble through writing this, I’ll keep you updated and throw out all sorts of beta previews and random thoughts along the way.

Sorcererous Alien Elves

A long time ago, I did a Sexy Alien Elves post. I’ve been meaning to go back and spruce up that idea but just haven’t gotten around to it. But then there’s this fine post popped up on Elfmaids & Octopi (which is a really cool blog) and that got the creative juices going again on this idea. So here you go.
Elves are powerful magical beings from another plane. In the ultimate act of arcane hubris, they destroyed not only their home world but the entire plane. A few managed to escape to this plane of existence. The elves feel no regret nor guilt about the destruction of their home. They are still bold and arrogant, and view the native races as simple and inferior. They are not above treating the other races like disposable playthings.
And here’s the crunchy bits, mainly designed around Swords & Wizardry: The Alien Sorcerous Elf
Of course, if you’re paying attention to the tags on this post. You’ll see Durth. Yeah, that’s one of my new projects. Here’s the elevator pitch: Thundarr The Barbarian, He-Man, and Carcosa with some gonzo OSR flair thrown into the blender of my imagination. We’ll see how this goes.