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Some House Rules for the Upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign

Yes. I am a bit of kick when it comes to Dungeon Crawl Classics. I may a little late coming to this show but it’s been on in the back of my mind ever since my grubby little grognard fingers got a hold of it. Since then there’s been a lot of third party and DIY stuff come. Too much for me to keep up with. So there is chance that some else has already done this or something similar. With all that said, here’s a few house rules for the World of Zoong.
If a player has more than one 0-level character survive to make 1st level then only one of the characters advances. The other remains at 0 Level as a hireling of the leveled character.

At 1st level: Roll up 4 more 0-Level Characters as normal.
Beyond 1st Level: Roll up a new character with enough XP to be at mid-point of the next lowest level or if the player still has that original hireling advance that character as with rolling up a new one. Character still rolls occupation, starting money etc as normal. And advances the appropriate level.
Rolling Ability Scores for leveled characters:
1. Roll 1d6 in order.
2. Roll 6d6 arrange to player’s liking.
3. Roll 1d6 in order.
Clerics and Wizards: There is a chance these characters can start with disapproval/corruption. Roll 1d20. If the number is less than or equal to the character’s level then the character has disapproval/corruption. Clerics roll on the Disapproval table as normal using the number rolled on the d20. Wizards roll a number times on the Corruption Tables equal to the number rolled on the d20. (Roll 1d6: 1 to 3: Minor; 4-5 Major; 6: Greater)

Special Rules for Spell Casters:
Clerics: Beginning spells and when new spells are learned, they are determined randomly at the whim of the gods. A cleric may attempt to change one spell each day when they pray. The character makes a spell check. DC: 10+The Spell’s Level. If successful, the player may choose a replacement spell. On a failure, the cleric automatically gains disapproval equal to the spell’s level and the spell remains.
Changing Spells on the Fly: A cleric may attempt to call on their gods divine favor for spell that they need right now. The cleric attempts a spell check at 10+twice the spell’s level. If successful the spell is changed but the cleric gains Disapproval equal to the spell’s level. If the roll is a failure then the cleric gains disapproval equal to twice the spell’s level and roll immediately roll on the Disapproval Table as if the character had rolled the highest number possible on a spell check that triggers Disapproval.
Random Spells (for both clerics and wizards): When a character is rolling for random spells and rolls a duplicate result, they may select a spell of their choosing.

That’s it for now. There’s more on the way.

Welcome to the World of Zoong

I keep talking about my upcoming Dungeon Crawl Classics game, so I figured I’d go ahead and create a little page for it here at the old blog. Welcome to the World of Zoong.
With all the other projects (plus a day job that’s really keeping me busy), I’m going to do what I can before things get rolling. But that’s not a problem. My very first campaign world didn’t even have any notes. It was Keep on the Borderlands and just run with whatever the players wanted and what modules I wanted to run after that. Of course, for this one, we’re doing Sailors of the Starless Sea as starting point.
As a bonus, I mentioned to the players that DCC turns things up to 11. Do they want it turned up to 12? It was hearty, “Hell’s Yeah!” Metal Gods, Crawljammer, and Broken Moon. Here we come. To sum up where I’m going to head with demi-humans just see this post. That’s right sexy alien elves, hillbilly dwarves, and mobster halflngs.
Then of course there’s my own wild imagination and my own grognard feeling of nostalgia. If this image brings back memories then you gain 3 Grognard Points.

My Own Little Barbarian for DCC

Gearing up to run a little DCC Campaign at the FLGS and being the constant tinkerer that I am, I had to do a couple more classes. The first up. The Barbarian.
First, there are already some really cool Barbarian classes out there for Dungeon Crawl Classics but each didn’t exactly do what I had envisioned. So put together one of my own. Now this is the bleeding beta version and I’m open to suggestions and comments. So read and let me know what you think. Thanks
The Barbarian Version 1

Embrace the Dungeon (Crawl Classics)

In a few weeks or so, I’m get to start up a Dungeon Crawl Classics game. And yes. I am excited. I’ve the book on the shelf for quite a while now. I’ve grabbed up all sorts of PDF’s. I love vibe of the whole game. I still have some reservations about chart-o-palooza but I think I get used it. I’ve ran a couple of one shots and played a few sessions of it.
Now there’s some debate whether DCC is truly OSR. I don’t care. For this it’s close enough for me. It’s to bring forth all the cool gonzo stuff waiting in the wings. How many freaking supplements do have on the shelf (both real and virtual) Many. I’ve already got a hard copy of the DCC reference book ordered. I still have GM Screen from Free RPG Day. Remember that? I’ve hit and added a few more things to my virtual library and getting a collection of material from the zines namely Crawl, Crawling Under A Broken Moon, Crawljammer, and Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad.
Then of course there’s all the non-DCC stuff that still works great. Namely, things like Vornheim and the D30 Companions
I’ve got lots printing, reading, and plotting to do. It’s going to be fun. And pay attention here. I’ve some ideas for some classes. So we’ll just see how things go with that. Now time to get work on the rest of the stuff on plate.

I Think My OSR Holy Trinity Is Becoming A Tetrad

I really like the bits and pieces of my holy trinity of OSR games. Namely, Castles & Crusades, Swords & Wizardry and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Each one of these games has some nifty way of doing or thinking about things that hits the sweet spot. Be spells, classes, skills, saves or whatever. But now I’ve had chance to read through some more of Dungeon Crawl Classics, there’s a bunch of stuff there that gets added to the list of neat stuff to throw into my own home game.
The Luck Stat & Death Rules: This is another bit that rattled around in my brain until I finally thought, “Yeah, that will work and it’s pretty cool.”
Magic: I really the general magic system. Never quite knowing how many spells a character has per day. Bad things happening to spellcasters. Like it but it’s going to take some more thinking and tweaking to put together but think that this system could add a lot of fun and excitement to the game.
The Overall Feel: Much like Lamentations of the Flame Princess, DCC has an awesome feel and atmosphere. Just the way the adventures are written and the weirdness of it. Shit, I am so tired of cookie cutter settings.
Yeah, Dungeon Crawl Classics joins the group.

Dungeon Crawl Classics: I Blame All Of You

I blame all of you for this. I caved into peer pressure and snatched up a copy and it was money well spent. So in case, you’ve been living in a freaking cave or dungeon, Dungeon Crawl Classics is the spiffy and deadly old school game from Goodman Games.

Way back when I looked at the beta rules and let things go by the wayside. I fully admit I wasn’t that crazy about the Zocchi dice or the plethora of charts. I’m still not all that happy about it but it’s something that I could learn to enjoy. But damn there is just some awesome bits for this game. This game captures both old school feel and that desperate and strange feeling that you get from the Weird Fantasy of Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Did I say it was cool? Yeah, it’s cool. It really takes to heart the simple ideas that magic is strange, mysterious and dangerous. Magic items aren’t just things that you can grab at the local shop. Monsters should be cool. Especially, “named” ones. You know what I mean. It’s a tough game. There will be blood and much of it will come from the player character’s. I’ll let Bill Cavalier explain it to you.

When I picked up the book, I thought, “Damn, this thing is huge. It’s bigger than the Pathfinder book, Hell, you could kill a dragon with this.” But then I also realized that it contained not only the player stuff but all the stuff for GM and a few monsters.
Putting a bunch of 0 Level characters through a meat grinder, err, I mean “funnel” just sounds like it’s be blast to play. Yes, there is a high mortality rate for player characters. Leveling means something. And the death rules are pretty damned good. Crap, a character might “die” during combat but you really don’t know if he is dead until the fight is over. And bonus this rule is simple. The way the Luck attribute works is an idea that I’ll probably transfer over to other games. Like I said, I’m still not sold on all the charts especially when it boils to a chart for each spell. But the actual spell casting checks for clerics and wizards is great. You don’t know how many times you can cast that spell during a day. You might even blow it really badly. Cool and fun.
Despite the few things that I have reservations about, it was a good investment for the good old gaming library. Chances I won’t play it RAW but I’ll throw in all sorts of stuff for my home game. So get it while you can. From what I heard the first printing was sold out but more on the way.