The Noble d30

I was going through my dice bags the other day and there it was my hefty d30. I hadn’t used that thing in years but it’s still there ready and waiting.
I’ve got plenty of charts and stuff to use it with but I don’t why I rarely do. Right now, it’s easy to figure out. I’m not playing or running a game that would use any of those charts. But I still miss the guy.
There’s plenty of stuff out there just do a little Google search and you’ll see. But I just don’t think that this handy dandy tool is remembered enough. On my very long to do list is make up a note book of all those neat d30 charts and probably make some of my own. Crits, fumbles, encounters and random treasure, The usual stuff but still fun.
Yes, I know this is a rambling post. I do that sometimes.

Updates Over At Basic Fantasy RPG

Yeah, posting has been slow over here. I know but I’ve been working on my own stuff.
I haven’t posted much about the Basic Fantasy game. It’s pretty simple, I plain forgot, But it’s still going strong and there’s a whole adventure series available for download.
Here’s another retro-game with a thriving community that is still putting together stuff. No. The OSR isn’t dead or stagnate. It’s still alive and moving. Choices are always good. Enjoy and keep those dice rolling.

The Many Faces of The Bard

Bards suck! Uh. Maybe. The Bard is one of those classes that has changed the most through the editions. And has always been one of my favorites. There’s been a running joke in our Pathfinder games. What classes am I playing? Yeah, I do a lot of multiclass characters. I like to call them Swiss Army Knife characters. They may not be right for the job but in a pinch they got a shot at just about anything. And maybe that’s why I like the Bard so much.
Way back in the ADD days, the bard was a bad ass. He started off as Fighter then became a Thief and then Druid/Bard. It wasn’t an easy journey but once you got there, you were a force to be reckoned with.
Second Edition was the Bard’s heyday. That is when they really just kicked ass. Bards had some Thief skills but better armor and weapons and they had access to the entire Wizard’s spell list. Added bonus they had lower XP progression than a Wizard. Bards were bad asses back then.
Then came 3.X. Bards sucked. Pathfinder helped a little but they still just seemed lame. Not as cool the Second Editions version. I have no idea what happened in 4E.
As far as DNDNext goes. Damn I haven’t even downloaded that last couple play test packets. So I have no clue there. But dang it I want a kick ass Bard back like in Second Edition.
That’s it for today’s rant.

Delving Deeper PDF’s

I snatched up the free PDF’s of Delving Deeper the other day and finally got a chance to sit down and look at it.
Yep, it’s another retroclone. It’s not bad. Sort of a Little Brown Books meets Holmes edition type thing. I didn’t have the time to dig down and compare each and every last rule, monster and magic item with every other retroclone out there plus the originals. Really, who has that sort time on their hands? I know there’s plenty of retroclone core rules out there but heck another perspective on the same thing can at the very least lead to some inspiration for your own home spun frankengame. It doesn’t mean you have to use the entire book for your game. That’s what neat about the old school frame of mind.
Like I said, it’s free so just head on over to Drive Thru RPG and check it out. What do you have to lose?

These Rats Might Have 2,000 CP

Yeah, I heard about most of the little kerfuffle over rats with treasure. While not part of the original discussion, it was interesting watching the ripples pass from g+ to the blogosphere. But this got me thinking. OK, why would rats have copper pieces? Then I came up with this little idea.

Rats, Miser
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice: 1d4 hit points
Attacks: Bite (1d4)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Carry Disease
Move: 12

Miser rats are the product of a young wizard’s failed attempt to end a vermin infestation. The wizard conjured a magical plague to wipe out the rats. Unfortunately, the surviving rats adapted to the disease and continued to thrive. Miser rats are affected by and carriers of a blood thinning disease (know as Artemis’s Rat Anemia). Because of this they have a craving for some metals. Primarily, copper and iron. Their nests are often littered with gnawed nails, needles and coins.
A character bitten by a Miser Rat must make a saving throw versus disease. If the character fails then he has contracted Artemis’s Rat Anemia. Until the character is cured of the disease, he has a -2 penalty to Strength and Constitution. Natural healing occurs at half the normal rate and magical healing is one half effective.

Machinations of The Space Princess

Hey, you remember when James Raggi did like the 19 or whatever adventures for Lamentations of the Flame Princess a while ago. One of them was Machinations of the Space Princess by James “Grim” Desborough of Postmortem Studios. Well, the project isn’t dead. It’s alive and well on Indiegogo.

The tag line says it all. Money’s short right now but I think I’ll be able to pull together enough for this one.
As a bonus, the lovely and talented Satine Phoenix is going the art. This game should be a fun sexy romp.

Gaming on the Cheap & YARC Update

Things have been really, really busy around the house and I’ve got some really cool projects on the way which why nothing has been on YARC. It’s OK, kids. Your patience will be rewarded. Trust me on this one.
Last week when I posted another Dollar Store Treasure, it came to me that it’s just a pretty cool idea to share all sorts of the cost saving little things one can do as gamer. Anything from freebies to dirt cheap stuff. Anyway to make that gaming dollar go farther. So with that in mind I went ahead a made a separate little page her for that very subject. So read, enjoy, share or offer up any little tips you may have. There will be more pictures coming soon and probably more ideas.
Gaming on the Cheap

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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