Tweaking Old Skull Stuff

Once again. No Secret about which games I like and I’ve really gotten the bug about the stuff from Old Skull Publishing. They really have hit my itch on the game front with an old-school feel, rules efficient, and implied settings that are just different enough to make them interesting.
So why am I doing this post? Well, I had some extra time to think about how easily hackable they are and came up with a couple of ideas that would on take some minor house ruling.
I’ve been working on a campaign for Dark Streets & Darker Secrets to run it more urban fantasy type vein. But of course I also got to thinking if you dropped Gifted characters then you’d have something along a traditional horror game (and probably a large PC body count but that comes with genre). So instead Slayers like Buffy, you’d have character more like Kolchak. Plain old mortals fighting against the darkness.

I can’t write this post without also mentioning Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells. This is a real roller coaster of a game. The implied setting is very much like Heavy Metal. It’s crazy gonzo and just a bit out there. The Chaos Grenade did a take on Dark Sun (of D&D fame). So thought to myself what else? An idea came to mind and my google fu may be week but it would make a great Thundarr campaign!

This really would take hardly any house ruling and you could easily grab some stuff from Mutant Future and peg on there.
So many ideas. So many games. So little time.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Shane Ward

This week’s it’s Shane Ward of Three Toad Stools Check out the blog and even a podcast and here’s his stuff on DrivethruRPG. So what can I say? Another cool person that’s got some stuff out there, you should check it out. Remember folks, What’s Cool Wednesday isn’t about any reviews or anything. It’s just shouting out. Like I said, check Shane’s stuff.

And here’s something to cheer up your day and what’s annoying about 3rd Edition.

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Encounter Decks!

It’s no secret that I love Swords & Wizardry and I did rant about this a bit on the old podcast but I figured that I’d revisit it here. So here’s the deal, I had coupon from a Humble Bundle and shop Frog God’s online store and I grabbed up the Encounter Deck(s). Actually both Encounter Decks (It appears that Deck 2 is out of stock or I suck at searching their store), the Treasure Deck and the Hireling Deck.

What can I say about it? Well, it’s about the handiest damn thing I have in bag of DM stuff. Why? Well, let’s see. Here’s how your average random encounter works. DM rolls on table, flips through the book to find the monsters’ stats, and all the while try to come with some inspiration to make the encounter interesting. Well, the deck combines those first two steps into one. Draw a card and there’s the monsters with the stats. And the good thing is that it’s just 2d6 orcs. There’s a range of monsters and combinations of monsters that can pop up. Spell casters, undead, adventuring parties. You know the usual stuff. Of course, in true old-school style; the encounters are not scaled to the party’s level. Oh well. Better learn how to run or at least negotiate really well.
But wait there’s more. Yes, the monsters are stated out for Swords & Wizardry but that hasn’t stopped me from using them in 5E. I just use my quick and dirty conversion method. HD equals attack bonus, damage remains the same, triple their HP and for Saving Throws. Well, I just use the Swords & Wizardry Saving Throw and not really worry about what the Save DC is based on the character. Does this follow the rules strictly? No but it’s close enough for a random encounter.
This is one awesome little product due it’s usability. Its something the DM can use again and again. It’s literally the size of a deck of playing cards. Quick and easy reference. So check it out.
Remember. Roll Dice and Have Fun!

Starting Some Cheap Dungeon Tiles

It’s been a long time since I found some cool and cheap. And this time thanks to wandering through Dollar General I found some contact paper. Bonus. Its in 1 inch hexes.

As you can see it works. Yes, it’s the color is a little light but it still looks sort of like stone. Now I just need to take the time and make attach it to something. I’ve got some left over cork tile as well as some of that foam poster board and think that will work best. I just need to try to match up the hexes when I apply the stuff.
Keep gaming folks!

The City: What Lies Beneath

So here we go more on The City. If you remember from last week I ranted about moving around The City itself. This week it’s about traveling beneath the city and it’s even more strange. Basically, there are three levels/regions beneath the city.
The Undercity/Sewers: Pretty much what it says. Sewers and even stranger things lurk here. It’s shady and pretty bad place.
The Catacombs: A labyrinth filled with undead, ancient crypts, and the occasional eldritch thingie.
The Ancient City Ruins: Insert ruins and pretty much any dungeon type crawl you want.
These three levels pretty much follow the same pattern as the surface. So use the same basic map if you are looking from above.

However if you traveling up or down between levels, it’s crazier. And where you end up may be determined whether you going up or down. Here’s the rough idea complete with “spell checking”. Hey it’s still a draft!

Yes, this makes traveling between various areas of the map difficult and dangerous. But then that’s the whole idea. So now I just need to come up with over 100 interesting hexes and some NPC’s. And yes there’s some more ideas bouncing around inside my head. But that’s to come.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Skeeter Green Productions

I know I said I shout out to the little guys. Skeeter’s worked with Frog God Games and now has struck out on his own. Now I don’t personally know Skeeter. I’ve seen him play some old school games and he’s made laugh so that’s good enough for me. Plus he’s fulfilling his first Kickstarter, Crypt of the Science Wizard Pretty cool adventure. Review is forth coming on the Podcast. And yes I did back the Kickstarter. So way to go, Skeeter. May more fun stuff be in the future.

Oh, yeah. Let’s do turn the clock back and have some fun.

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Black Magic & Haywire

So even more rants on New Bay City and Dark Streets & Darker Secrets. This week I want talk about Black Magic and Haywire. Both of these are standard tropes. How many times have read/heard something like vile arcane rituals? How about the characters are running away from the monster and the car doesn’t start? Both of those are examples. It’s not secret that I’m a fan of the Dresden Files and both of these things figure prominently in the books.
Now, Black Magic doesn’t need too much of tweak. There’s already plenty of Gifts that cause automatic Corruption or Sanity loss. However, (just based on my own interpretation) a few more should have that caveat. Namely, Cannibalize and Transfer Life. Of course, there may be more but that should be based on the Concept being used for the Character and for the Gift.
Now on to Haywire. Yes, this plays big into the Dresden Files. I also remember from Pacesetter Games’ Creature Feature. So I’m approaching this two ways. First, Gifted Characters that don’t have the Haywire Gift. It’s just a form backlash. Screw up a spell and trash everybody’s cell phone, laptop. or whatever high tech device happens to be around. And there’s the actual gift.
This gift disrupts the use of high tech devices within medium range for PL turns. Maybe resisted with a successful Luck check.

Pretty simple actually and I’ve got a few more random thoughts to throw out there. So this campaign might be postponed a bit. We do an alternating GM thing in our group. One GM one week, then the other the next. It works and helps reduce GM burnout. But one thing we do is avoid very similar campaigns. That’s so the players don’t get confused about what’s going on and keeps the games and genres fresh. So he’s wanting to run Scion. And folks are pretty excited about it. So this may get postponed a bit. But that doesn’t mean my ideas will. So stay tuned for more. And it just may mean I start blogging about my brainstorming for another campaign.

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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