Sharp Swords And Sinister Spells Character Sheet Version 2

So I did a little updating to the character sheet after some very nice and good feedback. It’s basically the same but looks prettier. I moved a couple of things around and tried to make the Attributes and such stand out a little more. After all, I’m not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination. I muddle thru the best I can. Enjoy and keep those dice a rollin’.
Here you go. My Character Sheet V2

Finally Did My Character Sheet for Sharp Swords

Still working on all the bells and whistles I want to prepare for Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells. Today’s little project my own little character sheet. Since the rules are pretty lite there aren’t that many differences. The one thing I did want to add is a Luck Track plus this serves as a little cheat sheet for the die chain. I know it’s pretty simple but but some folks find that extra little bit of reference handy. Enjoy.
My Character Sheet

The Cultist for Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells

I said I had another class in mind a couple of weeks ago and well here it is along with a bonus class. OK, so your first questions is why?
Well I wanted something with a slightly different vibe than the magic-user but didn’t exactly want a replacement cleric. So enter the Cultist (which fits the whole Sword & Sorcery vibe). The magic-user seeks out knowledge and bends the universe to his will. The cultist seeks out arcane power for gain. Like a cleric, The Cultist can change spells giving them more flexibility. But that power is at the whim of whatever elder god that the Cultist has taken a liking to. And that power can be pulled away at any time and the character is going to have to do something (probably something bad) to get it back.
As a bonus, I had a quick bit of inspiration and threw together a Barbarian too. Yeah, I know there’s the Warrior. But I wanted something again with a different feel than the core class. I fully admit these are both in the bleeding beta stage. I may revision or even throw to them side when I finally get around to running a game. But in the mean time here you go. Cultist and Barbarian
Til next time. Roll Dice. Have Fun!

Some More Random Thoughts On O5R

Yeah, O5R or making Fifth Edition D&D a little more old School. The last post I did on this was all about mechanics and some are my DM is going to use in his next campaign. This post is more of rant about mind set and fluff.
So much of the OSR style of play centers around the players not being limited by the rules. That may sound crazy. Old School games don’t have every little thing spelled out on how to handle a character trying something. So the players tend to try crazier and more outlandish tactics. They will try to find new uses for anything including spells. This is where that whole rulings not rules thing comes in. Don’t let the rules stop you from trying something. Doesn’t mean you will succeed but try any way. The DM needs to learn how to wing it and when to yes or yes but.. And as a DM, keep your job simple. Don’t worry about every little bit of rules minutia (unless you have someone who just loves being a rules lawyer and that’s a whole other problem). Let the players have fun and try those crazy plans.
Now the other thing is fluff. Reading thru the Players Handbook, Monster Manual and the splat books, you’ll notice that everything is tied to Forgotten Realms. As DM, let the players color outside of the lines. If they want to have their character be something and there isn’t exactly that class. Find the closest mechanically and change the fluff. The same goes for things like spells. Don’t have change the mechanics just fluff. I had an idea for Yuan Ti Druid. For Good Berry, instead of conjuring berries; how about a handful of lethargic mice.
I don’t mean to say to anyone, “You’re playing it wrong.” And I know that YMMV depending on the group and its dynamic and the experience of the DM and players. But I do have these bits of wisdom. Roll dice. Have fun. And don’t be afraid to color outside the lines now and then.

Into the Tower of the Mad Mage

Well, time to catch up on our weary band of travelers in DCC campaign. When we last left our heroes, they had just rescued a young girl with the Gift of Second Sight and were teleported to an unknown location (The Tower of the Mad Mage). Now this idea is sort of backwards adventure. Usually, the characters would break into a place like this but in this case they are breaking out. Each level/room of this dungeon is the same a 50 in diameter circle. Most of it was pretty common type monsters with nothing really super special about them so I won’t bore you with that. So here’s only the good parts.

This place warps magic.
Every time a character casts an arcane spell while inside the tower, roll a d8.
1. Make a Will Save with a DC of the Spell Check. On a fail (of the Save), the spell goes off normally but also roll as if the spell misfired.
2. Make a Fort Save with a DC of the Spell Check. On a fail (of the Save), the spell goes off normally but also roll on the Minor Corruption Table.
3. The character must take 1d3 Spell Burn in order to cast the spell.
4. Add a random (no Luck modification) Mercurial Magic Effect for this casting.
5 to 8. Nothing special. Just cast as normal.

Giant Lamprey Slugs These things gave the party a run for their money.
Init: +0; Atk: +1; Damage: 1d3+Attach; Action Die: d20; AC: 11; HP: 5; Move: 25; Saves; Fort +4, Reflex: -1; Will: +0; Special: Attach: When a Giant Lamprey Slug successfully attacks a target it attaches itself to the target and does 1 HP damage each round after that as it drains the blood from its victim. Yeah sort of stirge like but three-foot long slugs with nasty mouths.
While this may not seem like it would have been a memorable encounter, there is a character with a magic sword that has a chance of turning something he kills into a zombie. This happened multiple times with the slugs. Chop the head off. It stays attached but still sucks blood and the character turned into a blood fountain.

After all the other encounters, Stone Golems, the Wizard’s Ghost, and a trapped apprentice followed by a little looting. The party heads back to town and some down time. Sometimes you have to think of playing DCC is like being in a horror movie. Don’t ever go into the woods by yourself. Even if it’s just to hunt rabbits. ‘Cause like the rabbits could kill you. Yeah, a quick random off-the-top-of-my-head encounter just because.
The characters turn over the girl and spend some time in town. There was Patron Bonding and Carousing with lead to PC’s getting robbed, burning down an inn, getting jailed, and quickly leaving town and heading to their next quest at Demon Crown Hill….

Tell Me About Your Elder God

Been thinking about the upcoming Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells game. And of course thoughts of mad elder gods entered my mind. So what the heck make random table for it. I know you’re smart roll dice and do as you will. Even crazier I have the idea to match this up with an additional class for the game.
So here you: Who’s Your Tentacle Daddy?

Some Hacks on 5E

Yep, I like OSR stuff and I like 5E D&D too. (Pathfinder 2nd Ed. Meh.) Anyway, I was thinking of some hacks on 5E to make a little more OSR-like. Now, I know on a lot of these things I colored outside the OSR lines. But those are things that I’m willing to live with so YMMV. Nor am Edition Warring or any of that other stuff. I like to hack rules and this is just list of ranting ideas. So there I know I’m ranting
Ability Scores: Just use whatever old-school method you want. 3d6 in order. Go for it.
Races & Classes: I got nothing against the horde of races and classes. Heck, the LBB’s even say it’s possible to play a dragon with GM approval. The subclasses in 5E do add some flavor however even this early in the game’s life it’s getting a little bloated. Keep to the core and be very selective on what’s allowed.
Skills: So yeah, Skills aren’t old school except for thieves. But you know that’s one thing that I’m totally willing to live with. And once again there’s a “but”. Cut them down even more. Merge Arcana, Religion, and History into one skill and call it Lore. Merge Nature into Survival. Merge Deception, Persuasion, and Insight into one. Call it some like Social.
Feats: OK. Feats got really crazy in 3.x/Pathfinder. A whole chain just to gain the ability to find your ass with both hands. Don’t have the feat tough. 5E is better but still Feats are not old schoolish. But I do like the idea behind them as a way to customize a character more. So here’s the deal. Totally drop the humans get a free feat at first level. Take the core option granting the Attribute boosts. But every player character gets a Feat at 1st level but it’s the only Feat they are going to get. That’s right one Feat to help specialize the character.
Proficiency Bonus: This is a simple little mechanic but lacks some personality. The answer is right there in the DMG. Use the Proficiency Dice option. Plus it reminds me of the Deed Die for Fighters in Dungeon Crawl Classics so that’s cool too.
Cantrips: Spamming spells is not old school. So a simple fix. If it deals damage then it ain’t a Cantrip any more. The others are fine. I would make two exceptions to this. The Warlock’s Eldritch Blast because it’s like their thing. And the Bard’s Vicious Mockery. Take the damage away but let it still but the target at Disadvantage.
Hit Points: This is if I really want to go hardcore. OK, fine you get max HP at 1st level. But after that go with a “White Box” method. Instead of rolling your HD and adding each level. Re-roll all of the HD apply the modifiers. If it’s more, then congrats, you gained some HP. If not tough luck, kid. Things are going to get dangerous.
Like I said. YMMV and this is just a bunch of ideas that have been bouncing around inside my head. Play how you want and have fun. That’s cardinal rule.

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