YARC & House Rules

Yes, YARC is moving forward and being tweaked and redone. So here’s the new stuff!

YARC Talented Fighter

Random Tables
Random Magical Effects
Random Celestial Events

The Old YARC Stuff
This is quick and easy version and it’s a little preview for a project I’m working. That’s what’s neat about the OSR, hacking and houseruling.
YARC: Final 1st Edition

My Old Notes and Crap are below. Read if want.
OK, I decided to throw up this page for info on my little Home Brew Hack. I’m basing the core mechanics of the game on Castles and Crusades, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, OSRIC, Swords and Wizardry, Pathfinder, Adventurer Conqueror King and many more.

Some of my “standard” house rules:
No XP: It’s just extra bookkeeping. You level when the DM says so.
Weapons & Armor Proficiencies. You may not be able to sneak around in plate but it really doesn’t take that much skill to stand there and hope you don’t get hit. Plus character’s with poor to hit scores can’t hit anything that often. So might as well give them something big to wave around.

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