Gaming On The Cheap

Every gamer wants to save a little cash. Here’s some a few little ideas and things I’ve picked up for my games.
I used some 3/4 square doweling to make some cheap wall sections and doors. Three feet of doweling cost about $2. Apply a little paint and there you go.

I grabbed a few boxes of wooden blocks at the discount store for some more cheap dungeons. This is the first batch.

More of the $20 Dungeon



Dollar stores have a ton of stuff you can pick up. Here’s some flying bases (10 of them for just $1).

And then here’s some dragon mini’s I picked up at the same time. Also, just $1 each.

Here’s some neat finds for the local dollar store:
Felt and foam sheets: Any old time wargamers know that pieces of felt can pretty handy when creating terrain. They’re cheap and don’t require any special tools to work with. Also, you can find colored sheets of foam (generally in the arts & crafts sections). You can use these just like the felt for various bits of terrain. As bonus, if you are artistically inclined, you can use a permanent marker on them to add some detail. Once again a package of these will set you back about a dollar.
Glass beads, crystals and “gems”: It kind of irks when I see some company selling those glass beads so many folks use for various gaming token or counters for $5 or more for a half dozen. Not when you can buy them by the pound for $1. Also look for nifty acrylic crystals and glass “gem stones”. Once again about $1.
Gold Pieces: Look at the party section. Folks are still doing pirate themed parties. You can pick up a bag of gold coins for dirt cheap. Handy for whatever token you may need at the table.
Post Holiday Clearance Sales: After a holiday has passed check any holiday decorations that might look useful for gaming. The stores will put them on clearance for really good prices. Halloween and Christmas are especially good. Last year a pick up some skulls, coffins and other little tibdits for a quarter each.
Poster Board and Cardboard: Poster board is dirt cheap. Personally, I’ve found that by disassembling a 24 pack of Mountain Dew gives enough free cardboard to make a couple of dungeon tiles by hand.
Garage Sales: If you have the time head out for garage sales every now and then. I’ve found recently that consignment and second stores have gotten more expensive and thanks to the internet it seems they are looking at how much they could possibly make off something.

I’ll continue to post things as I find them and some nifty pictures will be coming soon too.

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