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What’s Cool Wednesday: Shane Ward

This week’s it’s Shane Ward of Three Toad Stools Check out the blog and even a podcast and here’s his stuff on DrivethruRPG. So what can I say? Another cool person that’s got some stuff out there, you should check it out. Remember folks, What’s Cool Wednesday isn’t about any reviews or anything. It’s just shouting out. Like I said, check Shane’s stuff.

And here’s something to cheer up your day and what’s annoying about 3rd Edition.

Random Stuff from DrivethruRPG
Advanced Adventures:
The Forgotten Grottoes of the Sea Lords
Dead In The Water
The Warrens of Zagash
More Stuff
Spire of the Koblods
The Crypt of Rokar

What’s Cool Wednesday: Skeeter Green Productions

I know I said I shout out to the little guys. Skeeter’s worked with Frog God Games and now has struck out on his own. Now I don’t personally know Skeeter. I’ve seen him play some old school games and he’s made laugh so that’s good enough for me. Plus he’s fulfilling his first Kickstarter, Crypt of the Science Wizard Pretty cool adventure. Review is forth coming on the Podcast. And yes I did back the Kickstarter. So way to go, Skeeter. May more fun stuff be in the future.

Oh, yeah. Let’s do turn the clock back and have some fun.

Random Cool Stuff on Drivethru
Odysseys & Overlords Game Master’s Guide
Odysseys & Overlords Player’s Guide
Cult of Crab God

What’s Cool Wednesday: Hero Press

It’s the first of May! And who’s cool? Tim Knight over at Hero Press. Now some might mention that the blog isn’t all about gaming. Meh. It’s still fun. It’s still cool. And it’s still laid back. It’s one those that I’ve peeked in on over the years. So go ahead and check it.

Here’s some random low-cost interesting things on DriveThruRPG
The Frozen Province
Wizard Funk Issue 1
Magic Madness 7
The Hidden Tomb of Nephabti
Odysseys & Overlords Free Preview
The Heaven Prophet’s Tomb

Note: These are NOT affiliate links.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Thought Eater

It’s time for another What’s Cool Wednesday and I think I’ll start expanding it a bit more. So a bit longer posts than in the past. Oh, it will be pretty much the same as before. I shout out to somebody who’s doing cool stuff that may not me in the limelight. No review about what they are saying. No opinions or in depth analysis of every word. That part isn’t going to change. What I’m planning on adding is just random cool stuff on OBS or other places around the web. And just like the normal What’s Cool Wednesday. No review. No in depth analysis. Just here something is. Make you own decision. And with that, let’s get on with it.
This week, it’s none other than Froth. Yes, I know another of those OSR Anchorite types. Really, it’s a pretty good community. Anyway, Froth’s been putting out his Anchorcast and it’s good calm fun. So check it out the Froth Cast! And yes there is a blog too.
So what cool thing popped up on my radar this week? Well, not much that is super new. Gavin Norman (Last Week’s Cool One) released the Old Essentials Basic Rules on Drivethru. So if you’re curious about those rules and it’s Kickstarter then check it out.
And speaking of Kickstarters. There’s the preview rules for Eric Bloat’s The Blackest of Deaths.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Necrotic Gnome

Yeah, I know I said I was going to talk about the little guy and maybe Necrotic Gnome is but Gavin Norman is making a big splash. First, there was BX Essentials. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sold. We’ve plenty of hacks, re-edits and so on of Basic D&D. But then I got my hands on the books for my current Labyrinth Lord game. Heck, they’re supposed to be a great reference. And they are. I end up using them more at the table than the actual LL rule book.
Now, the whole series is being re-edit and re-packaged as Old Essentials and the Kickstarter is kicking it. It blew through it’s original stretch goals on the first day. It’s really worth checking out.
This also says something else too. Even with mass popularity of 5E, Old School is not dead. Keep rolling those dice folks. And like I said check out the Kickstarter. And yes, I did back it.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Joe The Lawyer

Or should I say, Joe the Fucking Lawyer. But that’s the way Joe is. No holds barred and up front about he likes and doesn’t like. No warm fuzzy feelings. Just straight and to the point take it or leave it. No moral posturing or intellectual lecturing And in today’s social media environment. That’s refreshing
If the “occasional” F-Bomb sends you screaming for the hills then avoid his podcast. Of course you could run by his blog.
So go check out Joe.

What’s Cool Wednesday: MeWe

Google Plus is dead. Crap. I still need to take it off my phone. I’ll get around to it. But since it’s demise people have scrambling for a new home to yak about RPG stuff. Folks dispersed across the Internet to various sites and platforms. Personally, I’ve moved most of gaming conversations to MeWe. There’s some of the old usual folks and few new ones. I like it. Sure it ain’t the same as G+ but hey, it’s growing and new features are creeping in.
Like any “community” it’s only as good people make it and so far so good. Check it our yourself and make your own decision.
Yeah I know another really short post. Hey just check it. Really.