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What’s Cool Wednesday: Elf Maids & Octopi

I don’t even remember when I first stumbled up Elf Maids & Octopi. I don’t remember what I searching for or if it just popped up on G+ feed somewhere. But it’s one of those blogs that I feel we don’t hear enough about.
Why? Well, there’s a bunch of free stuff. It’s not run of the mill vanilla type stuff but it’s not far out gonzo that most folks would scratch their heads and say, “What the hell?”
There’s all sorts of weird and useful random tables and charts. Ideas and inspiration to add a tweak of weirdness to your game. But hey, don’t sit here and read about it. Just follow that link above and check it out for yourself.

What’s Cool Wednesday: The Delvers

It’s another Wednesday and another shout out to something cool. One of my goals for this isn’t just to shout to the big names or cool kids but also the off the beaten track things that probably most people haven’t seen nor heard.
So that leads us this week to The Delvers. I stumbled upon this while was looking for more Labyrinth Lord resources after I got my hard copy in the mail. So what and who are The Delvers. Well, lot’s of folks try to define the OSR and think this fits well into how I define. It’s just a family playing Labyrinth Lord. Dad’s DMing and the rest of the family is playing and having a good time. An actual play podcast that doesn’t have any big names or anything. Just ordinary people getting together, playing and having fun.
And that dear readers, is what I think it’s all about. Their podcasts are available on Itunes and Google Podcasts (where I’m listening). Enjoy!