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What’s Cool Wednesday: Your FLGS

Man, it’s been a busy week and there have been a few ups and downs on the gaming front that I haven’t talked about. I was planning on doing this post for Free RPG day but some circumstances have made me change my mind.
You see there’s a FLGS that current group plays at on Thursday nights. There was another store but that closed. Yeah, you’ve probably heard that before. In any case, the group moved to another store. Like any it had it’s ups and downs thanks to the tough business of running an FLGS. And then it happened. The owners announced they were retiring. Great folks who worked hard. I have no problem with that. But fortune smiled on everyone. New owners! So live continues mostly as normal.
Now let me talk about the good old FLGS. Grognards will remember the days before there was Amazon or the Internet. It’s where you got all your gaming goodness. Time and technology haven’t kind. Major publishers have their stuff on Amazon or even their own web stores. Small publishers can’t afford to go thru distributors. One Book Shelf really doesn’t have an actual support program but a few publishers are part of the Bits and Mortar program. So it’s tough on those little retailers.
IHMO. Those that survive do it by being a destination. It’s where you go to hang out. Just like that friendly bar where everyone know your name. You get the idea. But those folks who run the stores still need your support.
So yeah buy stuff at your FLGS when you can. Keep that local neighborhood shop going.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Dreams of Mythic Fantasy

OK if you’ve been around the OSR any length of time, you should already know James Smith and his blog Dreams of Mythic Fantasy. And I know that I said I wanted to focus on the little folks and James already does have a pretty decent following. But he does really give a useful tool back to the community.
And that of course, The OSR News. It’s pretty simple. He gathers new releases, interesting blog posts and just cool stuff and then shares it to the world. That’s why it’s for What’s Cool Wednesday. So much time boosting the work of others. Now, it’s your turn to check it out. And yes he does have a Patreon. So check the blog.
Happy Gaming, folks!

What’s Cool Monday? GM’s That’s Who

This week I wanted to do something special. Not mention one specific person but a whole cadre of folks that keep the RPG hobby moving along. And that of course the GM.
The faithful GM is often the only person at the table who owns the rule book. Who buys extra minis, adventures and other gaming tidbits to keep the game going. The person who spends time outside of the game coming up with more adventures, NPC’s, monsters, magic items, campaign settings, house rules etc. The person who usually works their schedule around everyone else’s to make sure that game happens. The person who lugs extra stuff to the game and probably extra pencils, dice and mini’s, just in case a player forgets theirs. The person who might rearrange their home to make room for the game.
During the game, the GM is referee, den mother, therapist, story teller, arbitrator, and if all else fails the poser that gets the story/plot actually moving. They try to keep the game going and smooth over any ruffle feathers between the players.
And with that rant, thank your GM. Maybe buy them soda. An extra set of dice. Or may be jump on the plot train. Support them. Support the other players. And just plain have a good time and try help everyone else at the table have a good time.
It may be a thankless part of the hobby but for me personally I wouldn’t give it.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Smoldering Wizard

Here you go. Smoldering Wizard, a simple blog with stuff. So what do you get? Good old fashioned straight forward blogging. Basically, you get stuff you can use. Now, this may seem like I’m down playing it. I’m not. The no frills approach is refreshing. It’s house rules, class tweaks, play sessions and sharing good times gaming are what makes it worth it.
Go check out the blog. And remember. Roll dice and have fun.

What’s Cool Wednesday: Cross Planes

OK, this is another of those blogs/folks that I’ve followed for years and I don’t remember when or how I started. I just know that it was many moons ago.
So what you get when you follow on? Well there’s a good dose of stuff for OSR an Savage Worlds which are both things that I happen to like. So yeah. I do have my own biases but then don’t we all? And, of course, there’s Fifth Edition stuff too. Nothing wrong with that. It’s another of the games that I’ve been enjoying. The good thing is the blog is full of useful stuff be it monsters of commentary so go ahead and check out Cross Plains
And of course like so many of us, Mark dips his toe into wild world of publishing. His titles can be found under the Cross Planes Game Studio at Drivethru.
And yes, these What’s Cool Wednesday’s are shot posts. They’re about getting you to look at these not necessarily give you the complete run down on everything someone does. So like I said before, go check it out.

What’s Cool Wednesday: The Funky Grognard

Once again, it’s one of those “I have no idea who this is but they have some neat stuff online” type posts and that’s the whole goal of What’s Cool Wednesday. If it weren’t for going down a search results rabbit hole, I would have never found this.
So what we got. Old school stuff. Check. Local Convention stuff. Check. Cross Posting over at Goblin Stomper. And the occasional interesting Youtube video.
So go ahead and check it for yourself. The Funky Grognard
I know this isn’t a long post. These aren’t supposed to be long posts. It’s for you to go out and find interesting stuff too.
Have fun folks!

What’s Cool Wednesday: Follow Me and Die!

This it’s Larry Hamilton with all the things that he does. Not only is he one of the OSR Anchorites, he’s got a bunch of other stuff going on as well.
I know some of you may be saying to yourself, “This talks about a lot about Anchor.” Yeah, I do. Anchor was just one of those that jump seemed to happen and a lot folks jumped on board. Myself included. But it if weren’t for Anchor, there’s many a cool person that I would have never encountered if it weren’t for Anchor. So check out some of them.
Any way on to Larry, an even tempered gent who talks calmly and sincerely about gaming. And that’s a nice thing. As I’ve said before, calm and reasonable voice often get drowned out in this day of the social media. Larry’s got more than just an Anchorcast, he’s got his own blog. Not only that he’s producing solid stuff on Drivethrurpg and he has his Patreon.
Now I do have to say that I am a bit jealous since his logo is by the talented Satine Phoenix. With that go ahead a take moment to check out Larry’s stuff.